Increasing Productivity Using a Simple Legacy Office Technology

office 3To track employee time and enhance communication in a way that is non-intrusive, intuitive, and effective.

Admin assistants have always been expected to know where everyone was. Although they put up In/Out boards up next to their desks, they’re really there to ease the assistant or receptionist’s work load. They’re really for employees in an attempt to keep everyone in the loop. Most admin assistants always know where everyone is, and as a result of always being in the loop to everyone’s coming and goings, is usually privy to what seems at times information worthy of an oracle. They answer phones and took messages with “While You Were Out” note pads, and handed them to staff as they walked in and out of the office. The receptionists obsession with the In Out board seems unreasonable until you realized the workload they carry. The In Out board was an attempt at automation and off load a bit of work that was critical for smooth operation of the office.

New Trends in Mobile Office Technology

There was time when people use to go to their office in the traditional way, work for 8 hours and return back home to spend time with their family. Time has changed and so does the ways of working. People still go to their offices to manage daily business transactions, but today they manage their business with the help of new technology which is also moving with great speed. One has to agree on the fact that introduction of digital communication medium has made great twist-n-turns in keeping us connected to our counterparts every time.

Digital communication has simplified things to such an extent that we now have a mobile phone such as a sophisticated Blackberry, which helps the user stay connected to his/her emails along with scheduled appointments. Since all the mobile companies offer internet connection through their own mobile network, Mobile phone users can browse through their blackberry handsets to catch up on their emails and web browser to explore through the web office

Things are still evolving around the time factor as many companies heads their focus on the term On-Time Delivery, which makes them to push hard to achieve the desired results. Similarly, majority of people would like to run their own business someday and work for themselves rather. This dream is not away from such people as many are currently working for themselves by sitting at home and seeking online jobs which again are driven upon on-time delivery criteria. But as a matter of fact, not may people could sit at home and work in pressure and same atmosphere all the time, they need change and hence, we are having mobile office technology being introduced which has the greatest impact on many than any other trend has ever before.

What do you need to get yourself on the mobile office technology? The term mobile office might sounds strange as people are still impacted by their office-going attitude or culture. But things are getting into places as people have started their own business on move as one would say. A car can keep you on move, a mobile phone can keep you connected and with the introduction of the car desk, you have all your office stationary requirements fulfilled. The car desk gives you a facility to write or take short notes on the writing pad, gets you the bag space to keep your important documents and filers etc. End of the day, you can zip-up the mobile car desk and take it wherever you travel.

Being mobile keeps you on move as always and gives the time to prepare your work irrespective of your location to present in front of the client and get the much anticipated work you are looking for. Not only that using the wireless internet access, you can stay intact with your appointment alerts, email notification etc which just required you to park the car and work as and when required.

Technology for the Office

For any office to function at its best, certain equipment is necessary. Some of this equipment has been around for a long time while other equipment is newer and may be less familiar. With all of the technology being developed today, there are always new innovations that come out that are useful in the office. If you are just starting an office or looking for ways for your office to function more efficiently, take some time to think about your needs and do some research to see if new technology may be able to help you.
office 4
Next to desks and chairs, computers of some variety are almost essential in the workplace. However, not all computers are the same. You must consider the needs of your office and decide whether you would benefit most from a desktop or a laptop computer as well as comparing other features of different brands and models.

Copy machines are obviously important to many offices, as they serve to copy papers. Copy machines can be expensive, but they can sometimes be rented. Upkeep is usually minimal, but you should make sure you fully understand how to operate all of the functions and fix any problems. Copy machines also need toner and ink, and of course you will have to buy your own paper.

Scanners are another piece of office equipment that many offices did not used to have, but they have become very useful to most office environments. Scanners are machines that take a picture of a paper copy that is placed inside then bring up the picture on a computer where it can be saved. You can also scan pictures. Scanning documents to have on the computer is useful for many reasons. You can save documents on the computer which takes up less space than saving paper copies. Also, you can share them with others more easily over the computer.

Copy machines and scanners can be expensive pieces of equipment, and each can take up a considerable amount of space in the office. Fortunately, offices that utilize computers usually need printers as well. These days, printers can take on multiple functions. Printers can serve as copy machines, scanners and photo printers. Before you buy a printer, consider that if you need to do small scale scanning and copying, you may benefit from purchasing a printer that can do these things as well so you can save money.

Fax machines are important parts of the office as well. A fax machine sends a copy of paper material to another location through use of a phone line. Faxing is a similar concept to scanning a document and sending it through the computer. However, the advantage of faxing is that many consider faxed material to have more validity since material sent through computer can be altered.

Paper shredders are also essential in an office setting. In this day and age, sensitive material with personal information should not be thrown away in the trash. Your office will benefit from having a shredder to use to shred any documents that contains your personal information or that of your clients. Make sure to purchase a quality paper shredder that can handle a few sheets at a time without becoming jammed. The best shredders shred in complicated zig-zag patterns rather than in strips.